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Hello and welcome to the Acorn Hill Home blog! I thought it would be fitting for my first post to be about something I get asked about almost daily, my favorite labels for Kitchen & Pantry organization and soap bottles! I absolutely love spicing up my organization and decor by taking something out of an ugly bottle/storage container and putting it in something that actually becomes a piece of decor itself! You can either buy the containers and labels together or if you are like me and love a good DIY you can buy the labels and jars separately and mix and match to create your own style!

The first set of labels I want to share are the pantry labels. I bought these jars from Walmart (no they do not have seals, I know this is a deal-breaker for some people!) and I decided what I wanted to keep out on my counter. I am a frequent baker so it makes sense for me to have flour and sugar out on my counter as decor. These were my favorite pantry labels and they add such unique vibe to the kitchen, I can’t get enough! They make me want to slap a label on everything. Coffee…needs a label. Pasta….needs a label. You get it, I’m obsessed!

White sugar label and clear container with wooden scoop
White sugar label and clear container with wooden scoop

Next I wanted to switch up my dish soap and hand soap bottles from their original containers. I don’t know about you but I find it such a pain in the behind to overturn the dish soap to get the soap out, then its flowing down the sides and its everywhere. All of your hands, your countertops, just…everywhere. I loved the idea of a pump but wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of those stainless steel pumps that (while beautiful) always get gummed up with soap and never work right. I found these dispensers on Etsy and there is absolutely no looking back, these are my all time favorite and I will be using them in every kitchen I have until the end of time! No, seriously.

Amber hand and dish soap bottles with black pumps in a soap tray with a white subway tile backsplash
Amber hand and dish soap bottles with black pumps in a soap tray with a white subway tile backsplash
Clear hand soap for the bathroom with a stainless steel pump and marble backsplash.

Later that night I was taking a shower thinking about how much I loved these soap bottles when I got the idea to change out my Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body wash containers! I knew I absolutely did not want glass in the shower so these needed to be plastic. I also knew that I had a somewhat tall but narrow shower niche, so I wanted tall skinny bottles not short fat ones. I fell in love with labels that did not come with dispensers so I had an easy fix and bought some cheap plastic containers off Etsy as well! How beautiful are these labels?!

White shampoo bottles with black pumps and a decorative colorful shower niche backsplash

Last I wanted to change out my oil dispenser containers. I use olive oil or vegetable oil on a daily basis and wanted something I could keep out on the counter that would not only look nice but be functional. I found these labels off Etsy and the bottles off amazon (No worries, I will link everything separately down below at the bottom of the post!). Not only are these absolutely gorgeous sitting out on your counter but they are also oil stain resistant so if oil splashes up out of your pan you don’t have to worry about your labels getting ruined! These are my favorite labels of the bunch (don’t tell the others) and are so perfect for pantry organization.

olive oil and canola oil labels and dispensers
olive oil, canola oil, and apple cider labels and dispensers
olive oil and canola oil labels and dispensers

What will be the first thing you change out to upgrade your kitchen organization?

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