4 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Cozy This Fall

Create a warm and cozy feel this fall with 4 easy ways to bring cozy elements into your home. From blankets and pillows to candles and faux florals, you’ll find it all here!

Tufted grey reading chair with orange and white buffalo check blanket, white pumpkins, and tan moccasins. Cozy fall blanket.

When I think fall I think cozy. The cozy season is my absolute favorite and there is nothing I love more than making my home cozy while the seasons change. I love curling up on the couch with a pillow, a soft comfy blanket, a good book, and a warm mug of hot chocolate. Honestly, is there anything better? I am lucky enough to live in New England where we get the most amazing fall weather. The leaves change colors so vibrantly and the temperatures drop making it the perfect time to cozy up my home for the fall season. There are a few easy ways you can make your home cozy this fall to enjoy the changing weather and new beginnings.

1) Blankets, Pillows, and Other Textiles for a Cozy Space


When I think cozy I immediately think blankets and throws. Blankets and throws give the feeling of warmth and comfortability that everyone is looking for this time of year. When I choose blankets for the season I like to keep in mind the texture. Nobody wants to curl up on the couch with a scratchy blanket, you want something soft, luxurious, warm and fluffy! For this reason I love faux fur throws and chenille blankets this time of season. Whatever material is your preference you can cozy up your home by throwing a blanket effortlessly over a reading chair or couch. You can even toss a warm knit throw at the end of your bed to give your space a little bit of dimension with that warm comfortable feel.

White duvet cover, white ruffle pillows, tan striped pillows, tan knit throw, and faux fall florals


When it comes to pillows I like to choose colors or themes that go with the seasons. In the summer I usually go really neutral but for fall I like to bring in some warmer colorful elements. For fall I love warm neutral tones or even pops of green and orange to mimic the changing foliage outside. I prefer small pops of color amongst my mostly neutral decor color palette, but feel free to go bold with color if that is more your style! I love choosing pillows that bring the fall colors outside into my home and warm up the space.

Orange and white plaid buffalo check blanket with white and taupe striped pillow, tan and white striped pillow, and grey, tan, and white plaid pillow on grey couch

Other Cozy Textiles

Other cozy textiles that you can use to cozy up your home are seasonal table runners and tufted furniture. I like to change out my table runners seasonally but keep it neutral so it gives the space a fresh feel while blending seamlessly into the rest of the room. My favorite part of tufted furniture is you can have it year round, but it really plays up that cozy feel! I have a tufted ottoman, reading chair, and headboard and they add an element of warmth and closeness to the space.

Tan and White plaid table runner, wooden centerpiece with fall leaves, white pumpkins, and white berries.

2) Natural Elements

Faux Florals

One of my favorite cozy additions are faux florals and faux stems. These are so easy to change out from season to season and they can add a pop of color and warmth that will cozy up the room. I love to use faux hydrangeas that are a deep berry or burgundy color to give that fall feel, or colored maple stems for a pop. I also love faux branch stems, faux wood logs, and colored berry stems to bring in the seasons. Faux florals and stems are an easy way to get the cozy fall aesthetic and you can reuse them year after year. These are always one of my favorite fall decor essentials!

Clear and black test tube bottle vases with faux maple leaves and a tufted grey reading chair and white and taupe striped pillow

Dried Florals

Another favorite natural element of mine is dried florals. This was my first year drying out flowers myself and It went really well! I cut a few of my hydrangea stems when they were just past peak and let them dry out in fresh water and they have the best dusty muted colors, perfect for fall! This season my neighbor was nice enough to bring me some enormous limelight hydrangea stems and I dried those out as well, bringing muted mauve and green colors into my dining room. These natural elements are an easy way to bring a warm cozy feel to your home. If you don’t have hydrangeas yourself you can reach out to friends or even post an ad on Facebook marketplace! You would be surprised how willing your neighbors might be to lend you some stems once they are past their peak.

Dried limelight hydrangea stems in muted green and mauve colors in a glass vase with grey faux pumpkin and yellow candles on a farmhouse riser

3) Cozy Seasonal Decor Elements

Pumpkins, Gourds & Squash

Nothing brings the cozy fall feel into your home like some colorful pumpkins, gourds, or even squash. You can use real elements or faux, whatever your preference. I like to use a mixture of real and faux so I have a few items I can pull out and use every year but also a few unique real elements as well. When you think of fall you normally think of pumpkins, but gourds and squash can give you the same cozy feel by bringing a natural pop of color into the home! You can also incorporate these elements into your front porch fall decorating.

Faux white ceramic pumpkin, faux grey spotted pumpkin, black cast iron candle sticks

Corn & Wheat

Another easy way to bring seasonal decor elements into your home is to use corn and wheat! I love using colored corn this season and lush bouquets of wheat bring in the warm tan color tones that give the space a comfortable feel. Corn and Wheat make me think of the harvest season and bring in those natural color elements without going overboard.

4) Seasonal Drinks & Cozy Candles

This one might be my favorite cozy fall item. There is nothing that brings the cozy into your home like lighting your favorite fall scent and smelling the fresh cinnamon and pumpkin notes while going about your day. This time of year I like to light a candle in the morning and let it burn all day, filling my home up with cozy scents. Fall and Winter seasonal scents are my favorite because they are the coziest, usually filled with smells like vanilla, falling leaves, and warm sugar. The ambiance of a burning candle also brings in the warm cozy feel, and at night when I am winding down for the day I like to have one burning in my bedroom as well. There is nothing better to cozy up and relax with than a fall scented candle.

Faux berry colored hydrangea stems, magnolia home soap, ceramic vase, white riser, and pumpkin candle burning on a white quartz countertop

If you decorate with lanterns you can also use faux LED candles on a timer and they will automatically turn on at night, giving your living room or bedroom that cozy feel. This is perfect for that fall night-time aesthetic.

I am not a coffee drinker so my favorite fall seasonal drinks don’t include a pumpkin spice latte. Instead I like to go for a warm hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows or a warm apple cider. This fall treat is perfect for cozying up on the couch with one of your favorite books or binging a Netflix series.

Bonus: Favorite Fall Shows

Two of my favorite shows to binge in the fall are both oldies but goodies: Witches of East End and The Secret Circle. Both shows are about witches and they bring in the spooky season vibes, perfect for this time of year. I am also a die hard Harry Potter fan so it goes without saying I binge this every fall season!

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