4 Steps to the Perfect Fall Front Porch

Fall Front Porch

I knew when I was home shopping I definitely wanted a front porch that I could decorate for fall. I grew up in an 1800’s farmhouse with the most beautiful wrap around front porch. Having been spoiled with such an incredible front porch growing up I knew I wanted to be able to enjoy a front porch myself in my new home! When we saw that the Acorn Hill Home had a porch we were thrilled, it just needed a little bit of love!

White cottage with black shutters. a flower bed, white railing, and fall front porch decorations

We ended up giving it a makeover and went over the cracked concrete with a granite top. My parents gifted me two beautiful black rocking chairs just like the ones we had at our family farmhouse. Now that the furniture was all set it was time to get to the fun part…decorations to bring our fall front porch to life!

1) Go Bold or Go Home?

When it comes to interior design I believe less is more, and that relates to bold colors as well. I don’t decorate with harsh bold colors on the interior (I prefer a subtle pop of color) and I like to carry this practice to my exterior as well. The front porch should be a representation of the inside of your home so that the decor style feels cohesive. The front porch should be a preview of what you will see once you are inside your home. I knew I wanted to decorate with white & orange pumpkins for fall this year so the next question is do I use real or faux pumpkins?

Faux cream pumpkin, faux orange pumpkin, real mini pumpkins, white mums, and colored corn for fall front porch decor

2) Real vs Faux Pumpkins

We have a family tradition of going to a local pumpkin patch and picking out our own real Pumpkins each year. This started out as a tradition between my sister and I, and as the years have gone by it has become a family affair with my parents and nieces as well! We love to pick out our own pumpkins (and watch the little ones do the same) then grab some lunch and enjoy some apple cider and warm apple cider donuts!

I have a combination of real and faux pumpkins for my front porch, and either of these work for decor. I like to use a combination of faux and real pumpkins because this lets you save money on your reusable pumpkins (that you can pull out each year) but still get the character of real pumpkins as well. This year I went with “cheese” pumpkins for my real pumpkins. They are a muted orange color and are often called Cinderella pumpkins!

Black front porch lanterns, multi-colored mums, and a muted orange cheese pumpkin also known as a cinderella pumpkin

The thing to remember if you are using real pumpkins is to lay down some kind of mat, towel, or plastic saucer so they don’t destroy the porch underneath. This is less of a problem for wooden front porches than it is for concrete or stone front porches. Having a granite front porch I know first hand that it is very fragile and I always have to make sure I am not putting things directly on the granite in order to preserve it.

Should You Protect Your Real Pumpkins or Not?

This year there have been a lot of posts going around social media on how to preserve your real pumpkins so they last all season. These posts recommend soaking your pumpkins in bleach and then covering them in a clear coat to preserve them all season. I will not be following this method for my real pumpkins, and let me tell you why.

faux taupe orange pumpkin, white mums, granite front porch fall decor

I live in a woodsy area with lots of animals. To these animals that call my yard home, pumpkins are food. So many pumpkins are grown each year and I hate for them to go to waste so when I am done with my pumpkins I smash them open in the forest so they can become food for the critters. We wouldn’t want our furry friends eating bleach or clear coated pumpkins! I prefer this method to the pumpkins ending up in a land fill somewhere with no other use than looking pretty! If your pumpkins are still ripe when the season is over you can even use them to make homemade pumpkin pie!

If you are picking your pumpkins in September/October they will not be rotting prematurely. The pumpkins will last through to the beginning of November and there is no reason to follow these steps to further extend their life (unless you really want pumpkins through November & December).

black weathered rocking chairs on a front porch during fall

3) Adding Natural Elements to your Fall Front Porch

While the first thing that comes to mind when we think of fall decor is pumpkins, it is not the only thing you can use to bring the fall spirit to your front porch! I like to add natural elements like corn stalks, gourds, florals, and even apples! You can also decorate with hay bales (although this can be a little messy). My favorite florals for fall are mums! They come in all different colors depending on the color scheme you want to decorate with, but just remember mums are seasonal and will need to be watered frequently to keep them looking sharp! You can also add some dried or fresh hydrangeas to spice up your fall front porch florals.

I know that “Welcome” signs can be very polarizing (some people love them, some people hate them!) but I have one myself and I personally love them, especially for fall! You can also add crates for dimension, galvanized pales, watering cans, and even wheelbarrows or a unique look.

welcome sign fall front porch with white mums, real and faux orange pumpkins, black storm door, welcome mat, and benjamin moore wythe blue front door

4) Welcome Mats & Wreaths

The last thing I like to use to decorate my fall front porch is welcome mats and wreaths! There are a ton of cute welcome mat selections and I love to layer them! A gingham or buffalo plaid rug that is slightly oversized pairs great with a cute decorative welcome mat. Wreaths are another easy way to add florals to your fall front porch and there are even fun DIY pumpkin wreaths you can try if you are on a budget! Wreaths can really make a statement when guests are entering your home, so you can go muted and simple or bold and colorful!

welcome to our patch front door mat from joann's with welcome sign, white mums, faux orange pumpkins, and granite front porch
fall front porch wreath with gold glittered pinecone and leaves

Lastly, it’s just important to have fun with it! Weather you like to decorate with bold colors or muted tones the most important thing is that your front porch decor is not only a representation of your home but of you and your personal style. If you are looking for fall essentials check out this post to find my top fall finds!

White cottage with black shutters and faux rock facade on foundation fall decor front porch
faux orange pumpkin with black terrarium and citronella candle fall front porch decor
cinderella cheese pumpkin with multi-colored mum on granite fall front porch

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