The secret to the perfect modern farmhouse bedroom

the acorn hill home bedroom with white linens and grey headboard

When I first bought the Acorn Hill Home I knew I wanted a light and bright bedroom with that high end luxurious feel, but at the same time I wanted it to feel cozy, cohesive, and inviting. I also wanted just a touch of glam. It can be difficult to find the perfect combination of contrast when creating a light and bright space, so I have a few tips for you that helped me when creating the perfect modern farmhouse bedroom!

#1: Contrast

It is important to remember that if you select all white everything your bedroom it is going to be washed out and feel sterile. If you are going for white bedding opt for a neutral nightstand and headboard combination to create some contrast. If you are going to go with colored or neutral linens you can easily go for that white nightstand and headboard! You can still get that light and bright feel while combining different colors in your design palette.

the acorn hill home bedroom with white linens and grey headboard

#2: Layers

This one is my favorite…layers! This is the secret to getting that cozy warm feel to your modern farmhouse bedroom. I like to have multiple layers of pillows to give my bed a full look. Next I layer comforters or blankets on top of my duvet to give the bed that full and fluffy look. Lastly I like to mix different textures/patterns with my blankets and pillows to add a layers to the bed. You can switch up pillows any time your heart desires, so it’s super easy to mix and match and see what works best for you!

the acorn hill home bedroom with white linens and grey headboard and textured chunky knit blanket

#3: Don’t clutter the nightstands

Nightstand clutter is a major pet peeve of mine (as is clutter in general!). When it comes to decorating your nightstand keep in mind your practical items and your decor items. My practical items include my remotes, phone charger, alarm clock, etc. decor items can be lamps, books, lanterns, or even flowers! I like to incorporate my practical items with my decor items, but I don’t want the nightstand to feel cluttered. Another tip is your nightstands can be sisters, not twins! You don’t need to decorate them the same. I like to have a set of decor books on one coffee table (which hides my phone charger behind it) and some type of flower or lantern on my other nightstand.

the acorn hill home bedroom nightstand and crystal globe light
acorn hill home crystal globe lamp and nightstand

#4: Mix and Match your furniture pieces

This is another important one that helps create the perfect design! Don’t buy those sets from the big box stores where the headboard perfectly matches the nightstands. Select your headboard and nightstands separately so that they match the overall design aesthetic but aren’t matchy matchy. This is key when piecing together your perfect modern farmhouse bedroom!

the acorn hill home bedroom with white linens and grey headboard

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