The Ultimate Christmas Home Decor Shop

the ultimate christmas home decor shop with shiplap and pinecone garlands

It is finally November and you know what that means…Christmas decor time! I have scoured the internet high and low and to put together a lookbook for the Christmas Decor Shop with the Acorn Hill Home style. My Christmas tree is already up and I have already done most of my Christmas decor shopping for this season.

If you see something you like I recommend jumping on it fast! A lot of these items are set to sell out early; my mantle cedar garland has already been sold out for 2 weeks and will not restock this season! While taking shipping delays into consideration as well this season I recommend Christmas decor shopping as early as possible.

This Christmas decor shop has a combination of both colorful and neutral Christmas decor. From Christmas trees to mantle decor and wrapping paper, this Christmas decor shop has it all! I have organized this shop into categories to make it easy to browse and find what you are looking for.

I will edit this post if there’s anything that pops up that is a must have, but without further adieu, onto the Christmas shop! Looking for more small space decoration inspiration? Check out these small living room decorating tips that will come in useful this Holiday season!

Table Of Contents

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees in the curated acorn hill home Christmas decor shop

Christmas Tree 1 | Christmas Tree 2 | Christmas Tree 3 | Christmas Tree 4 | Christmas Tree 5 | Christmas Tree 6 | Christmas Tree 7 | Christmas Tree 8

Flocked Christmas Trees

flocked christmas trees in the acorn hill home curated christmas decor shop

Flocked Tree 1 | Flocked Tree 2 | Flocked Tree 3 | Flocked Tree 4 | Flocked Tree 5 | Flocked Tree 6 | Flocked Tree 7 | Flocked Tree 8

Tree Collars & Skirts

Tree collars and skirts from the christmas decor shop at acorn hill home

Woven Tree Skirt | Copper Tree Collar | Seagrass Woven Tree Collar | Plaid Tree Skirt | Faux Fur Tree Skirt | Grey Knit Tree Skirt | Black Tree Collar | Woven Tree Collar | White Knit Tree Collar| Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt | Basket Tree Collar | Green Plaid Tree Skirt

Tree Decor

Copper Christmas Ornaments | White Ornaments | Woven Tree Topper | Gold Beaded Garland | Metal Bells | Snowflake Ornament | Champagne Ornaments | Clear & Gold Tree Topper | Reindeer Ornament | Gold, Silver, and White Ornaments | Gold Tree Topper | Pinecones | Grey Wooden Beaded Garland | Natural Wooden Beaded Garland

Garland’s & Wreaths

Wreath 1 | Wreath 2 | Wreath 3 | Wreath 4 | Wreath 5 | Wreath 6 |

Garland 1 | Garland 2 | Garland 3 | Garland 4

Christmas Stems

Cedar Stem | Pinecone Stem | Blue Berry Stem | Green Juniper Stem | Red Holly Branch | Pine Spray | Cedar Greenery Stem | Faux Juniper Stem

Mantle Decor

Brass Bells | Gold Candlesticks | Gold Tree Spray | Black Stocking Hangers | Plaid Stocking | Red Faux Fur Stocking | Green Knit Stocking | Gold Square Hurricanes | Bottle Brush Trees | Gold Lanterns | Deer Decor | Black Candle Holders | White Houses

Christmas Home Decor

Green Plaid Pillow | Red Knit Pillow | Hanging Bells | Plaid Throw | Red Knit Throw | Christmas Tree Sign | Red Candle | Green Candle | Flocked Mini Tree | Hanging Bells | Green Wall Sign | Happy Holidays Welcome Mat | Black Lanterns | Bottle Brush Trees | Light Up Red Christmas Trees | Wooden Candle Holders

Wrapping Paper

Name Tag 1 | Name Tag 2 | Name Sticker 1 | Name Sticker 2 |

Green Tree Wrapping Paper | Moose & Cabin Forest Wrapping Paper | Pinecone Wrapping Paper | Holly Berries Wrapping Paper | Merry Wrapping Paper | Chambray Ticking Stripe Paper | Tri-Pack Wrapping Paper | 2 Rolls Kraft Paper | Forest Trees Wrapping Paper

Want to keep up with all of my favorites for this Christmas season? Follow me over on Instagram and Pinterest where I share not only my home as I decorate this season but my favorite finds, sales, and holiday deals! I will be sharing new sales daily as they come up so be sure to check them out as this season’s Christmas Decor is selling out fast!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you, thank you for your support!

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