2022 Fall Home Decor Essentials

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Sharing my favorite fall decor essentials from this season! From cozy textiles to fall florals and neutral warm tones, these are my favorite items to decorate with. These fall decor essentials are an easy way to transition your home from summer into fall and embrace the changing seasons!

How To Welcome Fall Into Your Home

Textiles – Pillows & Throws

The arguably most important fall decor essential is cozy textiles! This is my favorite and easiest way to make a space feel warm and inviting! I love adding textured knit throws and Sherpa blankets to make a space feel cozy when the temperatures start to drop. There is nothing better than cozying up on the couch in your pajamas, a pair of slippers, and a blanket and binging your favorite Netflix drama or getting lost in a good book. Cozy textures not only add texture to a space but they are versatile in that you can choose to go neutral or add a pop of color like rust or orange to bring in the fall spirit!

Another fun textile to switch out is pillows! I love to trade out my summer pillows for plaid and gingham (perfect patterns for fall). I typically keep the same inserts and switch out just the covers! Lastly I switch out my dish towels for something fall and festive like a deep burgundy or striped orange to add a touch of Autumn color to my all white kitchen.

Fall Florals

Florals also make a major impact on your fall decor. I put my greenery away for the season and bring out warm brown tones and even a few reds, yellows, or purples to match the season. Candles are a great way to get me in the mood for fall, and I love to break out all of my favorite falls scents. I always decorate table-scapes with lots of cozy candles to set the mood!

Neutral Colors & Warmth

When it comes to fall I love to use neutral warm tones rather than bright bold colors. I like to have a bold pop of color here and there, but typically don’t go all out on the color. Using camel, caramel, rust, and brown tones can really warm up a space and give it that fall feel while staying neutral and versatile.

These are just a few ways to bring the spirit of fall into your home to embrace the changing temperatures and new beginnings. Here are a few of my favorite items from this season; from pillows and blankets to lanterns and candle holders, there is something here for everyone!

Fall Decor Essentials

If you’re looking for even more fall inspiration for home decor be sure to check out my Instagram and Pinterest fall page for inspiration!

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